Ass Smothering

Another Ass Slave – WMV

Maria Jade checks into the ultra exclusive Hotel de Sade la Domme. Striding down the hall, a slight smirk creeps across her face as she imagines what waits for her in her room. Catering to all manner of fetish and depravity for the discerning Domme, the hotel is world renowned in the secret circles of certain dominant women. Detailed psychological profiles are kept on all guests which the hotel uses to provide the perfect room accouterments. A surprise to the guest, they can be rest assured it will no doubt satiate their deepest, darkest desires. Maria unlocks the door and enters. Before her, motionless and hooded, spread out on the bed in nothing but boxer briefs, is her very special appurtenance. She sheds her overcoat after locking the door behind her and struts over to the bed. Checking his pulse, she identifies the male slave as in a state of relaxed bio-stasis. She picks up his arm and releases to watch it fall limp on the bed. Hers to do with as she pleases, Maria smiles broadly…with very bad intent. She teases her male slave to see if he is really incapacitated, running her hands up and down his body, lightly scratching his chest, even pinching his nipples and massaging his crotch. Nothing. Not satisfied, she gets nose to nose, inspects he glazed over eyes, drags her snake like tongue over his lips and bites his chin. Absolutely no reaction. With that she climbs up onto the bed and promptly straddles his face. Looking back at him over her shoulder, she slowly lowers her perfect ass until she is sitting, full body weight, on his face. She shifts slightly, emitting a slight giggle as she feels the warm breath between her thighs as he struggles to breath. His chest rises and falls at a quickening pace as he fights for air. Even though he is presumably heavily incapacitated, his leg twitches in an involuntary reaction. Maria recognizes this tell tale sign. As she raises her ass from his face, the slave gasps for air, gulping and weezing as he struggles to fill his lungs with precious oxygen. Maria only laughs as she lowers herself again onto his face. At his inevitable twitching, she rises…only to lower herself again all the while massaging his cock, even placing the fabric bulge in her mouth in the ultimate tease. “You only WISH you were fully conscious. I know you’d be hard as a rock! Wouldn’t do you any good anyway. You’d never be able to please me. Besides, my control over you is absolute! I just love toying with your life!” She repeats this over and over, getting more and more excited by the power she wields over this helpless sub. She acknowledges how wet she has become, and not all the moisture is from the condensation of his warm breath trying to breath from underneath her! However, this exercise, although very gratifying in nature, leaves her worked up and wanting. She yearns for complete satisfaction. She slithers off the bed and removes her soaking wet panties. “Now it’s time to satisfy ME!” She climbs back on the bed and straddles his head, this time facing him. With one knee down and one leg up, she lowers her dripping wet pussy over his face. She uses the slave’s nose to manipulate her clit, sending shock waves through her body. It’s not enough! As her quest for satisfaction mounts, her aggression in seeking a solution builds. Repositioning herself, she grabs his head and uses his chin for clitoral contact. Her pussy envelops his chin as she grinds her clit into his face! “I need more,” she barks! Now straddling his face again, she pulls her pussy lips apart, revealing an engorged clit and juicy cunt. “Stick out your tongue!” He complies. She frantically and aggressively use his tongue to fuck her until completion. As her orgasm rolls through her body, she moans and places her hand over the slaves mouth pushing his tongue back into is face. She twitches slightly and then sits, exhausted, on his chest. Maria breathes deeply, catching her breath and collecting her thoughts. She pats the slave on the head and slides off the bed to get dressed and leaves. FEMALE DOMINATION, POWERFUL WOMAN, FACE SITTING, ASS SMOTHERING, SMOTHER, FEMALE ORGASM, MARIA JADE