White Pig, Asian Ass – Mia Li

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 281/mb
White Pig, Asian Ass - Mia Li

Beautiful Asian Mistress Mia Li starts by telling you "I know what you want.. go on.. look at my beautiful body". The camera pans down to reveal that she has a slave with his head between her legs with his face buried in her ass. She tells you that she is always looking for new white pig slaves to worship her body. While he eats her ass, she tells you how she broke this slave.. He left his wife for her and gave up his entire lifestyle for her. Then she makes him lay down.. She tells you "He’s just a chair.. he’s not a even person any more. He’s just a place for me to rest my BIG ASS. She bounces her Asian Ass up and down on his face and tells you to take our your cock. She calls you a white pig and tells you that she knows she is all you think about.. she can make you do anything. She orders you to jerk off for her while she sits on her slave’s face. Then she does a Cum Countdown for you while you jerk off!

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