You Want to Lick My Ass Too – Ashley Adams

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 318/mb
You Want to Lick My Ass Too - Ashley Adams

Ashley starts this clip sitting on her slave’s face and telling you that she used to work for him as his babysitter and now she owns him. She tells you that he gives her all his money and she enslaved his wife too. She rides his face and then turns over so he can lick her ass. She tells you that you should be licking her ass too and orders you to kiss her ass on the screen. Finally, she sits on her slave while playing with her asshole while she counts down.. She orders you to jerk off and cum for her. then she shoots the finger at you and calls you a bitch as the scene ends. ASHLEY ADAMS IS HOT!! ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, JOI, and MORE!

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