Ass Humiliation

Butt Boys Beg For More-WMV

You think the sun shines out of my ass, but how far do you fantasize about going to worship it? You’ll never get more than this. You don’t deserve more than this, but you want this big booty on your face badly. I can get whatever I want from you in this shiny bikini, and even more when it hits the floor, but you can never touch, taste, or fully experience all this booty has to offer. Losers like you don’t even deserve to see it naked. You can almost see if when I shake my booty, but of course I flip you off and block your view because you’re a butt beta. You’ll give me anything I want when you beg to blow for a taste of worshiping my face covering booty and thick thighs. You won’t get anything perv, but you can beg to kiss it while you cum in your pants to make me laugh. WMV format You might also enjoy some of my ASS WORSHIP fetish clips: Ass Addicts Tribute-WMV Lucky Pucker-WMV No Orgasms For Ass Addicts-WMV Like this video? Order a personalized custom video of your own today!