Ass Humiliation

Cozy Ass Worship Part 2 (Moose Knuckle Edition)

Who wants more juicy ass wrapped in tight spandex?! You do! Of course, you do being my sub who’s watched one my popular ass worship clips, Cozy Ass Worship(Uncut)! I’m back to seduce you and make you sit down on this cold snowy winter night in October to rub to me and round brown ass that I work oh so hard on in the gym. Watch as I take my time to tell you about how hard I workout in the Gym until sweat drips down my pussy and ass. I let you view me from the front exposing my fat pussy being squeezed by the cloth between my legs; my plump booty sitting upright in the perfect angle to tease you as I make you tug and rub on your naughty bits to me. All. Night. Long. Until you POP! Leaving you a hot and bothered mess to clean up. Enjoy!