Face Sitting

Installed in Hannah’s Ass HD

See more Smother Harness videos at The Queendom:Mistress Kawaii:  In Kawaii’s Smother HarnessMadam Jada:  Stuck in Jada’s AssMiss Edyn Blair:  In the Smother Harness with EdynMistresses An Li and Hannah Hunt have been smothering and trampling their slave all day long, but now that its getting late they have a fun surprise for the slave:  The smother harness!  Mistress An Li secures the slave’s face into Mistress Hannah’s big, sexy booty.  With the slave’s wrists cuffed to Hannah’s waist and the harness straps tightened as much as possible the slave’s face is fully installed into Hannah’s ass with no possible way out!  At first An Li and Hannah have fun with the slave, parading him around the room and eventually leading him over to the couch.  An Li pushes the slave’s face deeper into Hannah’s magnificent ass before eventually leaving the slave to his fate, his face still installed tightly in Hannah’s ass