Ass Smothering

Mina’s Holiday Pack

THIS FULL LENGTH VIDEO RELEASE CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING CLIPS:Mina’s Ticklish BumManga LoveLove in Hell This is Mina’s First Butt Worship Experience, and she finds it to be quite ticklish! I was shoved under a hot thick winter comforter with barely any air to breathe! Mina enjoys it so much in fact, she nearly smothers me to …. between her cheeks while holding my head down over prolongued periods of time! She laughs and giggles as I squirm between her butt cheeks begging for air!EVEN THOUGH WE DON’T SEE THE ACTION TAKING PLACE UNDER THE SHEET IT IS VERY REAL! IT’S SEXY IN A MYSTERIOUS WAY WHERE ONE CAN USE THEIR IMAGINATION WHILE ADMIRING MINA’S GORGEOUS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS AND LAUGHTER WHILE THE MUFFLED SOUNDS OF THE BOY AND STRUGGLES FOR AIR CAN BE HEARD AND SEEN BENEATH THE HOT THICK WINTER COMFORTER. A MUST OWN FOR ANYONE WHO LOVES RAW AMATEUR FOOTAGE!Mina pulls up her dress and sits on my face with her bare bum while enjoying her new Manga. She’s a bit of an Otaku and loves nothing more than to read Mangas all night long while sitting on my face. This was a shoot that she herself requested to do. Non-scripted, and completely uncensored! “Sorry, the book is good.” is all Mina has to say about nearly smothering me to d3@th! This is a very dark, sexy, bare-butt facesitting clip with a ‘side angle’ and ‘from behind’ camera views of Mina reading her Manga while sitting on Walter’s face. This was Mina’s first time sitting on my face with a bare bum. Mina wanted it that way so that I could insert my tongue into her behind while she enjoys a relaxing warm winter read. My face was both a seat, and a means to keep her butt warm during this cold winter night.I came up with the clip title while editing the video after noticing how deeply immersed into her Manga she was, forgetting that I was even under her. There were a few times I was close to black1ng 0ut. Good thing I didn’t or she may not have noticed!During a cold winter night, Mina lies across her comforter preparing to read her favorite Manga series ‘Love in Hell’. With her favorite book, and her favorite sub buried deep between her cheeks with tongue in ass, sadistic thoughts begin to cross her mind. Mina suddenly feeling the urge to him ch0ke-0ut, presses his face deeper into her ass while holding him there until he finally bl@cks-0ut!What makes this such a short, but beautiful clip is her various facial expressions as she slowly ch0kes the life out of him. He grasps at her comforter pulling on it as he struggles to breathe. Clearly she can feel his tension as he pulls on her blanket, because he face gleams with an expression of laughter and joy as he slowly begins to fade deeper and deeper into the depths of her own personal Hell.