Ass Humiliation

My Asshole Itches. Handle It. – Daddy Giant 18 – Richard Lennox – MP4

Also available in HD MP4 format – CLICK HEREEver since he shrunk you down to tiny size, your asshole dad has been making you his bitch. Just look at your giant dad, lounging around and scratching his ass like Al Bundy. “Son, lend a hand here. I don’t have the foggiest idea why my ass itches.” Fucking idiot. He can’t tell if it’s a bug bite or what, because he can’t see it. He grabs you and holds you up to his butt and demands that you scratch it. That’s not bad, he says, but he feels like you could do a better job if he took his pants off. Now you have to scratch his ass through his gross underwear. How embarrassing! But that’s still not quite getting it, he says. He pulls off his underwear – oh, God! Dad! Stop! – and holds you up to scratch his taint. Then, he shoves you right up his smelly asshole and makes you scratch. FUCK! THIS IS AWFUL! But it gets worse. He’s getting off on it. He tells you about male prostate orgasms, and says you were actually getting him close. He sticks your head back up his hole and makes you scratch and squirm around til he gets off, his pucker squeezing around your tiny body as he gets closer to orgasm. When will this humiliation end!