Ass Smothering

No Escape! Smother Box K.O.

Milah decided to leave her slave trapped in her smother box made by Master Mind crafts while she went to go grab some dinner to help her booty grow bigger. Scene in begins with Goddess Milah entering into the room to find her slave still trapped within the smother box. “You didn’t try to escape did you?”  She says with sarcasm, Knowing there was no way for her weak and helpless slave to escape his imprisonment. Goddess Milah plops down on her slave, rocks back and forth grinding his captured face with her overwhelming 48 inch ass. But that’s not enough for her, Milah is in a particularly cruel mood today. She strips her pants so that her slave is fully emerged in her ass, no where to escape, trapped by the smother box, and again by the Romanov Vortex , how could anyone survive such an endeavor? The pure euphoria of being granted the privilege of serving such a goddess would melt even the strongest of men.  Will Milah’s slave be able to handle her ruthlessness? Or will he crack under the pressure?(literally)