Ass Humiliation

Pregnant teacher and bad student *.avi

Juliette earns additionally occupations with students at home, helps to increase points at the university. Today to her the student who very badly tries to learn material has come to be engaged. It has bothered Juliette and she has taken radical measures to assimilation of a training material!!! The student resisted, didn’t want to obey and Juliette has tied his hands and legs and now he is waited by punishment! He lay on a bed and waited for the punishment. Juliette has sat down on him from above and has told what him wait for punishment: 1. Expel from the university 2. Blows in his scrotum 3. Sitting on his face or a neck or a breast.The student has chosen option 3 – sitting on a his face/neck/breast. Juliette has told him that sitting by buttocks on his face will influence his punishment and now he will study best of all!