Ass Smothering

Punishing Lulu Sparkle

Lulu Sparkle has been increasingly insolent recently and Goddess Nyx has had enough. It’s time to show Lulu what happens to girls who misbehave under her service. Alone in a discreet and disgusting location Goddess Nyx has wrapped and restrained little wriggling Lulu so she can’t escape her important lesson. Laughing and teasing, Nyx climbs onto Lulu and pushes her tremendous, divine ass onto her face. Lulu gasps and struggles beneath her glory, but there is no escape for her. Bouncing and laughing the Goddess repeatedly covers Lulu’s begging face before turning and doing the same with her breasts. Now that Lulu is subdued, Nyx frees her from her restraints and continues to punish her repeatedly with her glorious round ass. She kneels on top of Lulu’s chest, pressing her into complete submission. Lulu shakes and moans, a mixed look of pleasure and pain in her eyes. Her punishment has been thorough, but has it been enough? It almost looks like she enjoyed it… Naughty little pet.