Ass Smothering


Mysteria reaches a level of Face Smothering mastery rarely seen & you’ll be left to wonder how her seat could take such apex levels of Continuous Facesitting. Her Pure Goddess Mode is unleashed and she immediately locks her seat’s face in TIGHT! Her powerful, shapely glutes muscles holding his face into position and Mysteria keeps airtight seals throughout this magnificent video! Once Mysteria has her ass wrapped around a helpless face it’s Lights Out, Game Over, a Smothered Goodbye! She is locked on target without pause and every second of this breathless experience is incredible to witness, easily dominating her seat’s entire reality with every Face Thrust, Grind, and Pulse further nailing home that: “Yes, your true place is directly within Mysteria’s glorious ass!” With expert precision, Mysteria Rides his face over and again, and even when he manages to escape from his Sitter’s nonstop grip, Mysteria grabs hold of his hair and shoves his face back into her Queenly trap, subjecting him to ever deeper smothers, giggling at his humiliating misfortune! You can see the total desperation in Mysteria’s seat’s face in that moment he was able to catch a breath; but Mysteria doesn’t care even to notice and handles her seat with a commanding hand! She presses his face as deep as possible against her barely-there Pink Y-String, ensuring there would be nothing protecting his senses from her dominating, muscular ass! After such a powerful dealt, relentless Face Smothering, it’s as easy to see how adept Mysteria is at our favorite fetish as it is impossible to fathom how her seat could ever survive such an episode! Available at Membership SiteMP4 – HD 1280x720p