Ass Smothering

Your Face is My Throne Wmv

Welcome to my bedchamber. You’ve been a servant in my castle for some time now. I thought you were doing quite a good job. But… I heard from my maids the other day that you’d been telling people about peeping on me while I was bathing. You even spread word of how luscious my Princess ass looked while I was naked. Peeking in on the Princess is something you must be punished for. I’m a kind Princess though, so I’ll have you executed in a way I think you’ll enjoy. Your breath will be taken away by my ass as you lay back on my throne. Your face is going to become the throne I place my perfect ass upon. You’ve been promoted from lowly servant to complete ass slave, enjoy your last few moments by worshiping my ass and stroking your cock while I steal your breath with my curvy cheeks.